How to use Tradegong Classifieds!

How to use the Website (Tradegong Classifieds)

Tradegong Classifieds! is a free-to-use website where anybody can buy, sell or make a "wanted" announcement for any item, product or service that he is in need of but cannot find on the site, so that sellers who have it to sell can produce it on the site upon your request.

You are free to buy, sell or announce a needed item, product or service free-of-charge. On Tradegong Classifieds!, you can sell to, or buy from all around the globe. However, you can choose that you want to sell only within your locality, region, country or you can decide to sell globally.

you can also decide which currency you want to use on Tradegong Classifieds!. You can choose to sell or buy with only your country´s currency or the major world currencies - Euro, USD or GBP. You can also choose to sell in both local and international currencies, and to both local and international contacts.



How to register

In order to get a  full experience of the Tradegong Classifieds! website, you have to register. To register, go to the topmost right corner of the site and click on "My Account” or “Login and Register” and fill in your details inside “Register for an account” box,  then click on "Create ". Please, do not forget to activate the ReCaptcha before the  "Create an account" sign. Congrats; you are done!



How to login

To login, go to the topmost right corner of the site and hover your mouse over the "Login and Register" link and click on "login" when the dropdown menu appears. Fill in your email address and password then click on "Log in". Please, do not forget to activate the ReCaptcha before the  "Create an account" sign. Congrats; you are done!



How to post your offer/ Listing

To create or publish your ads go the top right side of the site "Publish your ads for free"). There you will see "Publish your ad for free" in a blue box.  Click on it and it would take you to where you can create and/ or post your ad. Note that you must be logged in to create an ad.
When you are on the screen, fill in the details of your product. 

Before writing your price in the price column just below, is the "Photos" column with a blue image box. To the right side of the blue box, it is written "Click or drop for Upload images". Click anywhere on that blue box or the entire grey background to upload a photo or any acceptable attachment. Choose your desired currency (you can choose any currency you like to sell or buy in) and write your price on the left side of it.
You can choose to sell or buy only to or from a particular locality - Local town / State / Region / Country / Global. You can  also choose which currency(ies) you are interested in trading in.
Please, while writing your prices, write only the numbers. Do not use dots (.) or commas(,). Four hundres should be written 400 (not 400.00); four thousand should be written 4000 (not 4000.00) and so on. The site will automatically define and put a dot where it should be.
If you write your prices with dots and commas, it would be misinterpreted by the website.
After writing your price, below the price box is a reddish or pink  line or box with "Click or drop for upload images". You are allowed to upload a maximum of six (6) images. Make sure that your images are optimized for the web or they would not be uploaded. They should not be too big (should be not more than about 50kb per photo).This would upload your product image that you shall choose from your computer.

Fill in the rest of your details like country etc and activate the Recaptcha box (to avoid spam) then click on "Create". If this is done correctly, you should go to the site and see that your listing is there as the latest listing. Kindly note that your first two or three listings would/ might have to be moderated by the administrator, depending on the particular website policy at the time of posting. Congratulations.



How to write your price

As earlier explaine above under "How to post your offer / Listing", avoid writing your prices with dots and commas. Write only the numbers without dots or commas or the price would be incorrect. For example, four thousand should be 4000 (and not 4,000.00). If you have any further questions, refer to the detailed explanation above.



How to edit your listing

If you have to edit your listing, simply go and click "My account" at the top if you are already logged in. Note that you  must be logged in to edit a product post/ product listing. After clicking the "My account" button, a complete listing of all your products will show up.  Below each one (listing), you will see "edit listing". Click on this link under any particular listing you want to edit and you would be taken to the edit screen to edit your listing.  Edit as you wish and click on "update". Your listing has thus been edited.
However, if you encounter any problem in using the site, please, do contact us and we can help you out.



How to contact the  website admin

If you need to contact Tradegong Classifieds!, click the "Contact” at the top of the site and fill out the contact form in the ensuing page. Write your message to Tradeong Classifieds! and click on "Send". We would  reply you as expediently as possible, most typically within 24 or 48 hours.
Note that all necessary links could also be found in the footer of the website.
Tradegong Classifieds! operates a wonderful customer care service that would even call you in order to help you succeed in using her website. All our best wishes to you in the use of Tradegong Classifieds! facilities!

Tradegong Classifieds! (Management)