Disclaimer and Terms Of Service

Disclaimer and Terms Of Service

Tradeong Classifieds! is a free to use World-wide (global) Classifieds website. The website is German based in Mülheim, Germany. Every individual (adult) user of the Tradegong Classifieds! website - whether as a seller or buyer is solely responsible for whatever he/she posts on or buys from Tradegong Classifieds!.  

Tradegong Classifieds! or her owner/ employees would not be liable or held responsible for any misfortune, loss, pain or any other form of negative experience suffered or incurred in the process of the use of our website.

We do not encourage-at least for now- any form of online payment. We implore those who want to make any form of remote payment to make sure that they know whom they are crediting such payments to, before remitting payment.

The only function of  Tradegong Classifieds! is to provide and maintain the platform for free legitimate and healthy commercial interaction and facilitation of online business activities between willing people around the globe. We are not and could not promise/ vouch to be in control of individual identities and conducts on this website.
We neither encourage nor promote any criminal transactions / activities here on this website. We are under, and subject to the German legal jurisdiction and therefore, would co-operate as much as required by the German and European laws.

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