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Sample The vault does now not assist Role Based Access Control TRUE FALSE The Remote Desktop Services function ought to be properly licensed thru manner of way of Microsoft. TRUE FALSE One can create exceptions to the Master Policy based mostly on Safes Platforms Policies Accounts Which of the following statements are NOT actual whilst enabling recording for a aim Windows server? The software program application ought to be mounted on the aim server. ought to be enabled withinside the Master Policy (each without delay, or thru exception). Connect ought to be added as a close-by client on the aim server. RDP ought to be enabled on the aim server. It is possible to disable the Show and Copy buttons without getting rid of the Retrieve permission on a steady. TRUE FALSE During LDAP/S integration you have to specify the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Domain Controller. TRUE FALSE Which of the following options isn't set withinside the Master Policy?

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